Desktop Software Development

Desktop Software Development

Building a functionally and visually rich, high-performance, responsive desktop software applications

We develop customized desktop software applications to give you an efficient, user-friendly, and superior control on your business operations

Bringing Web Sophistication to Your Desktop

With demand for accessing the required content anytime, anywhere surging, having a desktop application that also supports content synchronization, instant access to the file system, and asset download provides an added advantage

System Level Desktop Development

Techtics is particularly strong sourcing its hardware-level expertise when developing drivers, system services and other software, which is expected to interface with the operating system to make it connect with various devices and sensors. They include vibration, optical, and lighting sensors, as well as networking peripherals. On the system level, we work with multiple interfaces, including USB, PCI, I/O and others.

Application Level Desktop Development

Techtics’s team is capable of implementing both compact desktop apps and logic-rich enterprise-scale desktop solutions. Leveraging the OS power, we deliver native apps for Windows, including Windows 10, Linux and MacOS along with cross-platform applications on Qt and JavaFX that demonstrate excellent performance and have a great usability regardless of the target screen or device.


Putting together customer needs and a vast technological experience

C++ Qt

C++ Qt is the most popular option as it is a number-one technology for cross-platform desktop app development, used by 5 out of top 10 Fortune 100 companies.


.NET WPF is used for development for Windows platform when a tight and seamless integration of the desktop application with Microsoft products is needed.


Java SWING is commonly applied for maintenance of legacy applications. Though the platform can be used for cross-platform desktop development.

Full-cycle desktop software development

We aim at maximum benefits for the Customer at every step of a desktop software development project.

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Desktop Software

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User Interface
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Desktop Software

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Hardware to Software Operation: Bridging the Communication Gap

Those solution providers who are aware of the drastic impact the inconsistency between hardware and software may make, are likely to take extra effort in supplying a quality desktop solution along with their CPU, motherboard, GPU or any other hardware component designed to work with software.

Whether you require a sensor-driven solution to talk to a software app developed from the ground up or you have an enterprise-grade internal tool that needs to be functionally enhanced to feel lean across devices and secure more targeted configuration and management, eTechtics makes a reliable partner.

With practical skills in C++, which employs a powerful set of libraries enabling efficient implementations of frequently used operation; such advanced frameworks as Qt, Xamarin, .NET that significantly reduce the development turnaround time, our team makes desktop solution development a breeze.

Desktop Software Development - Windows Desktop App Development

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