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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Automate your business operations through Enterprise Mobility Solution. We design and develop an enterprise mobility solution that simplifies your challenging tasks and addresses your business requirements

Our Expertise

We build trendsetting enterprise mobile apps that streamline your business processes.

Techtics transforms the way businesses work. We help enterprises unlock productivity by planning, implementing and managing mobility environments

Discover how
Mobile can help Your Business

Formulate winning mobile strategies to transform your business, cut down on costs and optimize processes with our Agile Discovery Workshops.

Build a

We frame functional prototypes, based on our cumulative ADW requirement analysis, to provide you with a profound understanding on how the end product will perform.

UI/UX Design

We custom design your mobile UI/UX to better address the mobility needs of your corporate business systems, its data processes and its potential users.

End to End
Mobile App Development

We can help you with resource management & scheduling, end to end automation of applications, claims and requests with absolute audibility and compliance.

Automation for Mobile

Manual mobile app testing is a losing proposition so Code District offers automated mobile testing services to maximum efficiency in terms of cost, time and functionality.


Let’s together create contextually intelligent apps that solve your business needs and take challenging situations head-on, while providing exciting user experiences.

Endless Possibilities for your Industry

Regardless of the industry you operate in, enterprise mobility has the capability of transferring consumer behavior with contextually intelligent data.

Healthcare & Fitness

Healthcare &

Workflow and Asset Management

Workflow &
Asset Management

Fleet Management


Media Streaming


Mobile Healthcare


Mobile Healthcare

(mobile commerce)

Utilities & Services

Utilities &

Retail & Services

Retail &

Manufacturing & Technology

Manufacturing &

Real Estate & Builders

Real Estate &

Large Scale Applicability of Field Force Automation

Field force is an integral part of a diverse range of industries. It’s your sales force, field data collectors, on-site contractors/laborers, brand activation team etc. Essentially any part your company that is out there working remotely as a team and continuously reporting back to their control office can leverage mobile.

With our custom built field force automation mobile apps you can now make your field force more productive, efficient and real-time. These apps are specifically designed for accurate data collection and processing that reaps tremendous benefits.

This will be enable to you:

  • No more fake entries.
  • Say NO to cumbersome data extrapolation from endless excel sheets.
  • Auto-data entry onto backend systems – Saves Cost and Time.
  • Improves time-sensitive decision making ability.
  • Ensures accurate location specific data acquisition with GPS tracking.
Field Force Automation - Enterprise Mobility Solutions - Enterprise Application Development
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