Engagement Models for Software Development and Outsourcing

Engagement Models for Software Development and Outsourcing

We offer flexible engagement models for software development and outsourcing to deliver high-quality software services and solutions at an optimized cost. We meet all your needs through custom-designed engagement models and pricing structure.

We Offers Three Major Engagement Models

We meet all your needs through custom designed engagement models and pricing structures.

Project-Based Engagement

  • Project-Based Engagement for businesses which have clearly defined requirement specifications
  • A cross-functional team is allocated for the duration of the project
  • Offers easy and a milestone-based payment plan

In case you don’t have requirements specified, you can always hire us for your requirements engineering.

Agile Based Development and Engagements

  • Suited ideally to startups or businesses with continuously changing requirements
  • Doesn’t lock you into a fixed set of requirements upfront
  • Allows unlimited change in scope, product vision, and development.

We have agile commercial agreements in place, which allow you to modify your product as you move forward.

Dedicated Development Team

  • Best suited for businesses that are not looking to set up a proper software development department
  • Interested to augment their existing development staff
  • Be able to focus on new products without losing focus of their existing dev team

Provide complete infrastructure and skilled human resource in various technologies and domains.

Assurance for Comprehensive Engagements

We promise an easily accessible team that is technically diverse, highly skilled and committed to deadlines.

Engagement Models for Software Development and Outsourcing

Pricing Models

We offers seamless pricing models which are flexible and project oriented.

Fixed Price & Scope/Milestone Based

  • Offers minimum risk and transparent approach
  • Pay on the completion of defined deliverables scope, milestones and goals
  • Works best when complete project specifications/scope is known at the start of the project

Project is divided into smaller & measurable milestones with a pre-defined payment plan upon successful completion of each milestone. We provide a detailed project plan, work breakdown structure and cost & delivery schedule at the signing of the contract.

Time and Material/Dedicated Teams

  • Ideally suited when you have continuously evolving requirements
  • Are building a complex product with inevitable changes in specifications and design
  • Freedom to alter the team size, controlling the speed & cost of the project

This model provides our customers with a flexible solution where payment is made on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis (on the last day of the month or the first day of the following month); the rate being initially agreed upon.

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