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Benefits / What is ABP Framework?
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After the successful release of ASP.Net Zero, Volosoft created another open-source Web Application Framework for ASP.Net Core. ABP.io provides a full-stack development model and infrastructure for modern web applications. ABP Framework (ABP.io) is an open-source and commercial software development tool to create present-day web applications using ASP.Net Core and Angular. ETechtics Software Solutions has been carrying out high-quality Cloud Application Development Services for clients around the globe in various industries with over a decade of experience. You can Hire ABPio Developers to build SaaS Products, Enterprise Web Applications built using Angular, ASP.Net Zero, ASP.Net Core, and ABP Framework.

Modular, Layered Architecture based on Domain-Driven Design

Microservice Focused


Advanced Authentication & Authorization

Virtual File System & Theming

Free & Open Source (LGPL licensed)

ABP Framework (ABPio) - Build Enterprise Web Application Development

Key Features
ABP Framework (ABPio)

ABPio is a modular (open-source) web application framework. for ASP.NET Core. ABP provides a layered architecture model based on DDD patterns & practices. It is a SOLID infrastructure to develop enterprise-level software solutions and can supercharge your next ASP.Net projects. Leverage our end-to-end ASP.Net solutions to grow your brand with efficiency and agility.

ABP framework provides the same benefits as ASP.Net Boilerplate: it gets you up to speed extremely fast with a well-thought-out domain-driven architecture, a ton of pre-implemented best practices, a ton of foundational features, and excellent documentation.

ASP.Net Zero Development - Layered Architecture - Etechtics.com

Layered Architecture

It can provide an automatically-generated web API layer for your application layer.

ASP.Net Zero Development - Modular Design - Etechtics.com

Modular Design

ABP Framework provides domain-driven and layered structural modern designs.

ASP.Net Zero Development - Starter Kit - Etechtics.com

Starter Kit

ABP Framework is a starter kit/template for creating a new project (Web Applications).

ASP.Net Zero Development - Multi-Tenant - Etechtics.com


Multi-tenancy support; It can work in multi-tenant (SaaS) or single-tenant modes.

ASP.Net Zero Development - Metronic UI - Etechtics.com

Metronic UI

It uses Metronic as a UI theme and ASP.NET Core as an application framework.

ASP.Net Zero Development - Scalable Solution - Etechtics.com

Scalable Solution

It provides a solid, strong, and scalable solution architecture, also pre-built pages.

Specialized in ABP Framework, ASP.Net Zero & Angular
What We Can Offer

ETechtics Software Solutions is a custom web application development company and its projects can fulfill a wide variety of needs. We design, develop and deploy cost-effective web and software applications using an intuitive programming model and powerful API set of .NET Framework, ABP Framework, ASP.Net Zero & Angular. Our cross-functional development team of full-stack developers specially ASP.Net Core and ABPio Developers takes care of every aspect of your project. We have an experienced and skilled in-house developers team, who are adept in building diverse web applications that fit the uniqueness of your products and caters to all your business needs. The company starts the process with:

Design: Once your web app has been properly designed and specified, it’s time for development.

Build: The development begins with the execution of the project specification, depending on the project requirements.

QA Test: Testing occurs through continuous alpha testing and a comprehensive beta review of the web application. Our testing methods include Device Testing, Usability Testing, UX Evaluation, Alpha/Beta Testing, Compatibility Testing, Stress Testing, and Performance Evaluation.

Deploy & Support: Deployment beings with the migration of the application to the live server. Our maintenance and support beings with careful monitoring of the live web application.

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