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ETechtics Software Solutions is a custom web Application development company with the latest web technologies, including ASP.Net Zero, ASP.Net Core, Angular, ASP.NET Boilerplate, Single Page Applications, and .NET Framework. Our dedicated team of expert and full-stack developers completes the projects on time and maintains the highest standards of code. We are experienced to build web applications for all sectors especially e-commerce platforms, project management, human resources management, the marketplace, ERP, CRM, online courses and business directories, management systems for restaurants, and more. We are specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular Frameworks.

Hire a dedicated development team of experienced programmers.

The team will be working full-time and 100% dedicated to your company.

Constant feedback and cooperation.

Transparent and solid working methodology.

Guaranteed Intellectual property rights and Data Confidentiality.

Application Support and Maintenance

Techtics is a custom Web Application Development Company

Hire Full-stack Developers
What We Offer?

Techtics Software Solutions is a custom web application development company and its projects can fulfill a wide variety of needs. Our cross-functional teams of full-stack developers take care of every aspect of your project. Our well-crafted interactive, comprehensive, and best-performing web applications are designed to meet the challenges and constantly-evolving technological changes. We build applications that fit the uniqueness of your products and caters to all your business needs. Our company starts the process with:

Design: Once your web app has been properly designed and specified, it’s time for development.

Build: The development begins with the execution of the project specification, depending on the project requirements.

QA Test: Testing occurs through continuous alpha testing and a comprehensive beta review of the web application. Our testing methods include Device Testing, Usability Testing, UX Evaluation, Alpha/Beta Testing, Compatibility Testing, Stress Testing, and Performance Evaluation.

Deploy & Support: Deployment beings with the migration of the application to the live server. Our maintenance and support beings with careful monitoring of the live web application.

Cross Functional Teams Specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular

Cross Functional Teams

We are a full-service technology company and can handle the end-to-end delivery (engineering, design, development & QA).

Test before You Hire ASP.Net Zero and Angular Developers

Test before You Hire

We offer our clients a free trial either via technical interviews or a by conducting a no-cost proof of concept with defined tasks.

Accelerated Time to Value for Cloud Application Development

Accelerated Time to Value

Our methodology of continuous delivery and all-around deployment automation enables project teams to ship new features.

Responsive & Fast Application Development - Specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular

Responsive & Fast

We create web applications that are fast and responsive, delivering the best user experience & leading to higher engagement.

Specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular - Scalable ASP.Net Zero and Angular Applications


Built to handle scale and high traffic throughput, our web apps process massive amounts of data with zero downtime.

Secure Application Development - Specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular


We cover application level security to different standards and IP protection policies at company & employee levels.

Domain Expertise

Offering the Perfect Blend of Emerging Technology Know-How & Domain Expertise

Business analysis and Cloud Application Development Services


Desktop software architecture - ASP.Net Zero and Angular

Desktop Software

UI design Cloud Application Development Services Specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular

User Interface
(UI) Design

Desktop software development - Specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular

Desktop Software

Quality assurance and website Application Development Services Specialized in ASP.Net Zero and Angular


Long-term maintenance Application Development


UI/UX & Front-end Development
Why Build With Our Company?

With our extensive expertise as a web application development company, we develop rich web applications that look visually amazing and provide a seamless user experience for the desktop, mobile, and tablet. There are no lucky guesses in our process—just a research-driven strategy. Because to drive revenue at your business and change in your industry requires a firm grasp of your goals, your customers, and the competitive landscape. Web application development is our strength and we have delivered a large number of applications for clients across the globe. You can hire full-stack developers to meet the challenges.

Custom Web Application
Design & Development

Whether you need to build one from scratch, migrate your legacy back-end or upgrade existing front-end functionality.

and Strategy

With research-driven strategy. We drive revenue at your business and change in your industry requirements.

Specification Document

A detailed document highlighting all the characteristics and features of the product that is to be developed.


Identify high-risk technical challenges and deal with them early-on. Propose the best possible technology stack and architecture.


Your existing team not responding? Left stranded with a bad product that doesn’t work? We can pick and get you up quickly.


Our UI/UX experts create working user interface designs that allow everyone to explore and visualize the product in detail.

Dedicated Design
& Development Team

Hire full-stack developers or dedicated development teams. We have a solid process to ensure complete visibility and control.

Technology Consulting
/Discovery & Planning

Our technical and business analysts evaluate your project and identify the right technology stacks for your needs.

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Tell us your needs and we will set you up with the best talent and a proven
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