Why Angular is the most preferred framework for web application development?

Angular is an advanced framework introduced by Google. The main objective behind creating it was to make the front-end development process simplified, interactive, and responsive. It strengthens productivity and developers find it most useful for building dynamic and maintaining MVC programming composition. That is why Angular is the most preferred framework for web application development.

The angular framework was developed in 2009 and has created ripples in the market. Recently, Angular has launched the latest version which is Angular 7.0. This is an open-source framework that revolves around HTML, CSS, and JS.

Why Angular is so popular?

Angular is popular and its advantages are endless. The popularity can also be understood from the fact that Angular is being deployed by over 9000 websites, which also contains some of the famous and well-known companies like Intel, NBC, and ABC News, etc. This makes Angular a full-fledged platform to work.

From a developer’s point of view, Angular is a complete toolset (framework) to enhance and extend HTML. HTML as a language is used to create static web pages. Angular is what makes your HTML advanced to provide dynamic views in web applications i.e. one can now extend HTML to create a dynamic web application using Angular.

There is no need to write setters and getters for applying different data models. And since the integral parts of app code do not have any directives, it becomes easy for the teams working equivalently to manage them. Angular thus can help you to get an interactive user interface timely for your web application.

The Key Features and why you should use?

Angular provides an array of elements and has achieved great admiration and has made it popular among web application development services. It is quicker to create projects with Angular instead of any other framework the reason is, with Angular, an app splits into several MVC components. Above this, it does not require any additional coding.

The fully-structured UI of Angular enables manipulation of components in an easy and effective way. Learning markups is a piece of cake for all.

Keeping technical benefits aside, here’s how Angular can be beneficial for your next web application:

1. Two Way Data-Binding

In Angular two-way data binding simply helps the web page to get refreshed instead of getting loaded. Angular is able to handle and makes it possible for the developers to express data simply with JavaScript primitives. The result can be given with model stats terms without getting involved in low-level constructions.

2. Dealing with MVC Architecture

Angular incorporates the original MVC (Model View Controller) architectural setup for developing web applications. It comes with the ability to string the application code together. It saves a lot of time spent on development and lessens the App’s time to market.

3. Data binding and Dependency Injection (DI)

Angular contains a built-in dependency injection subsystem. It is of utter use for the developers to create applications along with the testing process. Dependency injection (DI) facilitates you to ask for your dependencies rather than do it yourself.

Some of the key features and attributes that are provided by Angular are REST actions, Data Binding, Dependency Injection, and ability to use MVVM and also build-in unit testing APIs. Everything materializes automatically, the users can ask for dependencies as parameters in the platform service functions rather than a big call to execute codes.

4. Empowers with Better User Interface

Angular directives allow a web developer to better understand the end result of User Interface (UI) by just reading the HTML and JavaScript elements. With the help of Angular, it is easy to handle systematically organized, interpreting and manipulating the key components. This empowers a developer to design an interactive and flexible user interface for web applications.

5. Simple Testing

Testing becomes extremely easy when it comes to Angular framework because Angular comes up with pre-built unit testing. There are certain parts of the app in Angular modules that you can manipulate easily. With the option of module separation, you can now load only those essential services and this conduct smooth automatic testing.

Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks to Use in 2019

Angular JS

Node JS

Ember JS

Vue JS

React JS


It has an added advantage that members of tech giant Google backs angular and supports it with a massive open community. It will become better in the coming future with a simplified web development process. The bunch of useful features resides within a single framework. The developers are happy to be working with a strong code base that offers complete support to the project.

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